Sceintific Programme

The scientific program will have a blend of clinical medicine and cutting edge research. The program will include workshops, symposia, debate,CPC, quiz, etc., to suit different needs of the attendees. This year we plan to introduce ‘Meet the Professor’ session for closer interaction, and poster tours for giving due importance to original work done in our country.

Pre-conference program (Nov 30)
  • Basic and Translational Immunology course (full day)
  • Fibromyalgia and Soft tissue Rheumatism (full day)
  • IFA workshop (full day)

The registration fee for these is Rs 1000. Register early as slots are limited.

Meet the Professor

Meet the Professor session between 8-9 AM will provide in-depth discussion within a small group,with an eminent international/nationalfaculty. The topics will include management and diagnostic issues. Participants will be provided Box breakfast at the venue. Details of topics will be announced soon on the website.

The registration fee for these is Rs 500. Register early as slots are limited.

Special Interest Groups

Special Interest Group Meetings are organized by the coordinator of that group. The participation is usually by invitation. However, if any registered participant is interested in attending them, please indicate it in the registration form.

  • MyositisDr. Liza Rajasekhar
  • FibromyalgiaDr. B G Dharmanand
  • VasculitisDr. Debashish Danda
  • JIADr. Sujata Sawhney
  • Sjogren SyndromeDr. Sapan Pandya
  • Multi-Institutional SLE Network ProjectDr. Amita Aggarwal

' Some more workshops may be announced soon on the website. '

Scientific Programms
Musculoskeletal Ultrasound Basic Course
28-Nov-201708:00-17:00 Gurjit S Kaeley , Johannes Roth, Puja Srivastava, PD Rath, Jyoti ParidaGurjit S Kaeley , Johannes Roth, RN MisraTelemedicine
Pre-Conference Workshops
Basic & translational Immunology
30-Nov-201709:00-17:00Abul Abbas, Amita Aggarwal,Varun Dhir, Bidyut Das, Nigil HaroonCoordinators: Abul Abbas, Amita AggarwalVyakhyan Kaksh 1
Soft Tissue Rheumatism
30-Nov-201709:00-17:00Anupam Wakhlu, Durga Misra, Parasar Ghosh, Sajjan Shenoy Pravin HissariaVikas AgarwalImmunology Seminar Room
GRAPPA Workshop
01-Dec-201714:00-16:00Vinod Chandran, Anupam Wakhlu, Nigil Haroon, Ajesh Maharaj, Abir SaraswatVinod Chandran, Anupam WakhluVyakhyan Kaksh 2
NFC Microscopy Workshop
01-Dec-201714:00-16:00Vivek Vasudev, Shefali Sharma, S Kartik, Arun HegdeVivek Vasudev, Shefali SharmaVyakhyan Kaksh 1
Plenary Session 1 ( DAY 1) - Venue Shruti Auditorium
01-Dec-201711:45 -12.15Novel clinical and basic concepts in SLE George TsokosSita Naik, AN Malaviya
12:15 -12:45Presidential OrationAmita AggarwalKM Mahendranath, G Narsimulu
12:45 -13:15IRA Oration - Bench to Bedside and Beyond: Spironolactone as targeted intracellular therapy for inflammatory arthritisAshit SyngleAmita Aggarwal, Debashis Danda
Plenary Session 2 ( DAY 2 )- Venue Shruti Auditorium
02-Dec-201711:45 -12.15Induction of tolerance in pre-clinical diseaseRanjeny Thomas Sukumar Mukherjee, Prakash Pispati
12:15 -12:45Zydus Oration - Folate Supplementation with Methotrexate: where are we?Varun DhirV Krishnamurthi, Rajiva Gupta
12:45 -13:15Kolkon Oration - Cost effective treatment of RA in Indian ScenarioRemesh BhasiSukumar Mukherjee, Ved Chaturvedi
Free Papers
Free Papers - Oral Abstracts
01-Dec-201710:30 - 11:30Basic Sciences OB001 - OB006Jijith Krishnan, Subramanian, Danveer BhaduVaidehi Choudhary, Pravin Hissaria, Bidyut DasShruti
Clinical Sciences OC013 - OC018Kaushik Bhojani, RN Sarkar, Sham SAshok Kumar, Alakendu Ghosh, Rajeswari SSamvad
02-Dec-201710:30 - 11:30Basic Sciences OB007 - OB012Sandeep Upadhay, SJ Gupta, Bhawana GuptaVaidehi Choudhary, Pravin Hissaria, Bidyut Das, RR SinghShruti
Clinical Sciences OC019 - OC024Shrilekha Sairam. Renu Sehgal, Madhumita P DasAshok Kumar, Alakendu Ghosh, Rajeswari SSamvad
10:30-11:30Free Papers - Basic Studies session 1
01-Dec-201710:30:00OB001Mr. Sujit KashyapFunctional characterization of ADP ribosylation factor like protein (ARL15) expressed by rheumatoid arthritis synovial fibroblasts
10:40:00OB002Dr. Vikas GuptaCD39 Positive Regulatory T cell Frequency Predicts Response to Methotrexate in Rheumatoid Arthritis
10:50:00OB003Dr. Sanchaita MisraTheaflavin 3,3' digallate (TF3) in the maintenance of homeostasis between apoptosis and autophagmosome in Fibroblast like Synioviocytes in Rheumatoid Arthritis
11:00:00OB004Prof. Ram Raj SinghTCR signal fine-tuning molecules are altered in systemic autoimmune disease due to increased ubiquitination
11:10:00OB005Dr. Vikas GuptaAssociation between ITGAM, STAT4, TNFSF4 and TNFAIP3 gene polymorphisms and susceptibility to Systemic Lupus Erythematosus in North Indian Population
11:20:00OB006Prof. Ram Raj SinghRole of Innate B Cells in the Pathogenesis of Pulmonary Lupus and Vasculitis
10:30-11:30Free Papers - Clinical Studies session 1
01-Dec-201710:30:00OC013Dr. Chandrashekara SNeutrophil and Lymphocyte ratio is a better indicator of sustained remission than cytokine and B and T cell Prof.ile in Rheumatoid arthritis
10:40:00OC014Dr. Atanu PalComparison of Tacrolimus-Azathioprine combination versus Cyclophosphamide for induction treatment of Proliferative Lupus Nephritis
10:50:00OC015Dr. Arvind GStudy of Familial Aggregation of Autoimmune Diseases in Asian Indian Patients (Probands) with Lupus.
11:00:00OC016Dr. Abhishek Arvind ZanwarProspective validation of the Juvenile Spondyloarthritis Disease Activity Index (JSpADA) and its comparison with adult spondyloarthritis disease activity scores
11:10:00OC017Dr. Siva Vyasam KumarCluster analysis and clinical associations of autoantibodies in pediatric SLE - A single center cohort study.
11:20:00OC018Prof. Kenneth G SaagA Randomized Alendronate-Controlled Trial of Romosozumab: Results of the Phase 3 ARCH Study (Active-contRolled fraCture study in postmenopausal women with osteoporosis at High risk)
10:30-11:30Free Papers - Basic Studies session 2
02-Dec-201710:30:00OB007Prof. Ram Raj SinghSelf-Glycerophospholipids Suppress Immune-mediated Inflammation via Induction of Myeloid-Derived Suppressor Cells
10:40:00OB008Dr. Sakir AhmedTadalafil Reduces Skin Fibrosis and Prof.ibrotic Genes Expression in Patients with Systemic Sclerosis
10:50:00OB009Dr. Vikas Aggarwal5-HT2 and 5-HT2B Antagonism Attenuate Non-Canonical Signaling in Fibrotic Phenotype of Human Adult Dermal Fibroblasts
11:00:00OB010Dr. Anupam GuleriaDistinctive Metabolic patterns of Myositis Patients revealed by 1H NMR based Serum Metabolomics
11:10:00OB011Dr. Mohit Kumar RaiNuclear Magnetic Resonance based Metabolomics Study Identifies Highly Discriminatory Metabolites in 87 Systemic Sclerosis Patients
11:20:00OB012Ms. Shruti BhattacharyaMonocytes produce more pro-inflammatory cytokines in response to endogenous Toll like receptor ligands in patients with juvenile and adult spondyloarthropathies (SpA)
10:30-11:30Free Papers - Clinical Studies session 2
02-Dec-201710:30:00OC019Dr. Avinash JainHigher disease activity at baseline predicts progression of damage in Takayasu arteritis
10:40:00OC020Dr. Bhowmik MeghnathiEvaluation of the Predictive Validity of the ASAS Axial Spondyloarthritis Criteria in the DESIR Cohort.
10:50:00OC021Dr. Saumya Ranjan TripathyUltrasonographic and clinical evaluation of peripheral enthesitis in Indian spondyloarthritis patients
11:00:00OC022Dr. Geetabali SircarA randomized controlled, open label trial of cyclophosphamide versus rituximab in diffuse systemic sclerosis.
11:10:00OC023Dr. Isha SoodCorrelation of Nailfold Capillaroscopy Parameters with Organ Involvement in Patients with Systemic Sclerosis: A Cross-sectional Study.
11:20:00OC024Dr. Salil Ashok GanuLong term outcome of tocilizumab therapy for management of Takayasu arteritis
Poster Tours
Poster Tours
DateTimeDiseasePoster NumbersGuidesVenue
01-Dec-201715:00 - 16:00RAPB025-PB038 & PC074 -PC106Alkaendu Ghosh & Ravi ChandranLobby
SpAPB039-PB049 & PC107-PC124AN Malaviya & Parshant Agarwal
SLEPB050-PB056 & PC125-PC157Vineetha Shobha & Balmeena S
02-Dec-201715:00 - 16:00Pediatric RheumatologyPB067 & PC186-PC204Priyankar Pal & Manjari AgarwalLobby
OA, Osteoporosis, FMS & STRPB065-PB066; PB068-PB073; PC182-PC185 & PC205-PC233Shiva Prasad BN & Jyotsna Oak
Vasculitis, Myositis, SclerodermaPB057-PB064 & PC158-PC181Dhanita Khanna & AK Khan
Case Reports PR234-242&261 Atal Tej & NV Jayachandran
Case Reports PR243-PR260Sarat Chandra Mouli & Satyabrata Ganguly
01-Dec-201714:00 - 15:00Vineeta Shobha, Vinita AgarwalRohini Handa, Rakesh PandeySamvad
DateTimeQuiz MastersVenue
01-Dec-201714:00 - 15:00Rheumawhiz QuizC Balakrishnan, Vishnuvardhan ReddyShruti
02-Dec-201714:00 - 15:00SD Deodhar QuizSajjan ShenoyShruti
Meet The Proffessor
Breakfast Meeting (Meet the Professor) - 08:00 - 09:00
01-Dec-2017Radiology in Early SpaNigil Haroon, Ashish MatthewMantrana 1
Electronic Medical RecordsIra Pandey, Sanjeev AminMantrana 2
Crystal ArthritisSK Das, George NukiMantrana 3
VasculitisEric Mateson, Debashis DandaMantrana 4
02-Dec-2017Lung Dominant CTDAlok Nath, Uma KumarMantrana 1
Pediatric RheumatologySurjit Singh, Priyankar PalMantrana 2
Management of Sjogren SyndromeSandhya P, Sapan PandyaMantrana 3
Tools to Navigate Medical LiteratureAnand Malviya, Vinod RavindranMantrana 4
03-Dec-2017Difficult LupusDavid Daikh, Ramnath MisraMantrana 1
Rheumatic Disease MimicsC Balakrishnan, Arup KunduMantrana 2
SIG Meeting
Special Interest Group Meeting
DateTimeDiseaseCo-ordinating FacultyRoom
01-Dec-201716:00 - 17:30Pediatric RheumatologySujata SawhneyVyakhyan Kaksh 2
IRA Vasculitis GroupDebashis DandaVyakhyan Kaksh 3
FibromyalgiaBG DharmanandVyakhyan Kaksh 4
02-Dec-20178:00-9:00LupusAmita AggarwalVyakhyan Kaksh 3
14:00 - 15:30MyositisLiza RajasekharVyakhyan Kaksh 4
Psoriatic ArthritisAnupam WakhluVyakhyan Kaksh 2
16:30 - 18:00SpondyloarthritisAshok KumarVyakhyan Kaksh 3
03-Dec-201709:00 - 10:30OsteoarthritisSiddharth DasVyakhyan Kaksh 2
Sjogren SyndromeSapan PandyaVyakhyan Kaksh 3
We have two options for Rooms. There are smaller conference rooms and larger 150 seater lecture halls. Where should we scheduel them first. Should we post them in conference rooms and upgrade them if there is demand or keep them in the larger rooms.
Challenging Cases
Challenging Cases - Panel Discussion
01-Dec-201710:00 - 10:30Fibromyalgia & MimicsJoe ThomasAnne Louise Oaklander, Anurag Bharadwaj, Brinder VijJoe ThomasShruti
Joe Thomas/Padmanabha Shenoy
Joe Thomas
02-Dec-2017Large Vessel VasculitisAman SharmaHaner Direskeneli,Debashis Danda, Yogeshpreet SinghAman SharmaSamvad
02-Dec-201709:50 - 10:30Pediatric RheumatologyDeepti SuriSujata Sawhney, Satish Kumar , Sagar BhattadDeepti SuriVyakhyan Kaksh 1
Anuj Shukla
Deepti Suri
03-Dec-201710:00 - 10:30InfectionsAnuj ShuklaLata Bichile, Prasen Deep RathSumeet AgarwalSamvad
Vadlamudi Narendra / M Harish
Nayan Patel / N Kavya Devi
Lunch , Tea & Functions
01-Dec-201713:15-14:00Dining Hall - Basement Level
01-Dec-201720:00:00Hobby Center Lawns
01-Dec-201718:00-20:00Inaugration followed by cultural programShruti
02-Dec-201717:45-19:30General body meetingSamvad
03-Dec-201711:45 -12:00Validectory functionShruti
IRA Executive Meeting
03-Dec-201717:30 - 19:30Outgoing ECHyatt Regency
02-Dec-201719:00 - 19:30Incoming ECMantrana 1
IJR Annual Editorial Board Meeting
02-D ec-201713:00 - 14:00Vinod Ravindran (Editor, IJR) & BoardMantrana 1