Basic and Translational Immunology Course

The basic foundation of Rheumatology is Immunology as most of the diseases have immunological basis for their pathogenesis and the newer targeted therapies are all directed at blocking immune mediators or cells to achieve disease remission. Thus, a basic understanding of Immunology is essential for every rheumatologist.

This Course envisages to help the participants become familiar with the language of immunology and immune mechanisms involved in autoimmune diseases and what is their application in diagnosis and treatment of rheumatic diseases. It will be a one day course with ample time for interaction with participants. Come, enjoy the field of immunology.

Course Faculty
Prof Abul Abbas

Department of Pathology
University of California SF,USA

Prof Amita Aggarwal

Department of Clinical Immunology
Sanjay Gandhi Postgraduate Institute
Lucknow India

9.00-9.45Innate Immunity, Sensing pathogens and danger

Clinical Implications : Auto-inflammatory syndromes & Inflammation in gout

10.00-11.00Antigen presenting cells, antigen presentation, T cell activation

Clinical Implications : Induction of tolerogenic DCs, use of APLs in rheumatic disease

11.30-12.15T cell subsets and autoimmunity

Clinical Implications:T cell targeted drugs &T cell based biologics in rheumatic diseases

12.35-13.20 B cell development and antibody production

Clinical Implications : Discussion on autoantibodies in clinical practice

15.15-16.15Immune regulation and tolerance

Clinical Implications :
Single gene defects & SNPs in molecules involved in tolerance mechanisms & autoimmune diseases
Tolerance induction in rheumatic diseases: Tregs, MSCs, oral antigens

16.45-17.15Cancer immunotherapy and its immunologic complications
17.15TEA and adjourn
Prof Bidyut Das MD

Department of Medicine
SCB Medical College

Dr.Nigil Haroon DM

Department of Rheumatology
University of Toronto

Dr.Varun Dhir DM

Associate Professor
Department of Medicine
PGIMER, Chandigarh